The Effect of Health Education Based on the Health Belief Model about Pap Smear Test on Women in Rural District Indonesia


  • Ernawati
  • Dina Oktaviana
  • Mantasia
  • Rezky Aulia Yusuf
  • Sumarmi



Health education, health beliefs model, Pap smear


Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of educational interventions based on
Health Belief Models (HBM) on the adoption of cervical cancer screening and prevention behaviours in
Indonesian women in a rural district.
Method: This is a quasi-experimental study with pre-test and post-test design. The convenience sampling
was used and a total of 100 women participated in this study. One hour educational intervention based on
a health belief model including lectures, question and answer, group discussions and booklets on cervical
cancer and cervical cancer screening provided to participants. The content of the session included basic
information regarding cervical cancer facts, important early detection, recommended screening method,
guidelines for Pap smear screening and the role of pap smears in early diagnosis of cervical cancer. As
well as, pamphlets distributed to participants. Post-test test hold within six months after the end of the
Results: The findings showed that the mean difference of the scores before and after health educational
intervention about Pap smear and cervical cancer for all constructs (except; perceived susceptibility and
severity were no changes) has increased significantly with P-value <0.001.
Conclusion: Providing rigorous information to women about the risk of cervical cancer the benefits of
early detection of cervical cancer and having regular Pap smear tests are crucial to increase the intention to
undergo cervical cancer screening among women in a rural area.

Author Biographies


Nursing College, STIKes Tanawali Takalar

Dina Oktaviana

Nursing College, STIKes Tanawali Takala


Nursing College, STIKes Tanawali Takalar

Rezky Aulia Yusuf

Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Muslim Indonesia


Nursing College, STIKes Tanawali Takalar



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Ernawati, Dina Oktaviana, Mantasia, Rezky Aulia Yusuf, & Sumarmi. (2021). The Effect of Health Education Based on the Health Belief Model about Pap Smear Test on Women in Rural District Indonesia. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 7-12.