Estimation of Syphilis Serostatus on the Safety of Infertile Patients


  • Alaa Hamza Jaber Al-Jelehawy
  • Qassim Muhsin Hashim Al-Faham
  • Zainab Hassan Hadi Al-Saadi
  • Saif Jabbar Yasir
  • Ammar Kareem Kadhim Al-Furaiji



Infertility, T. pallidum, syphilis disease (STD), in vitro fertilization, rapid plasma regain, TPPA test.


Background: Infertility is a case assuming approximately 15 percent of couples in the world. At Italy, the
evaluated percentage increases to 20 percent. There are many reasons for this case, among that a significant
function appears to be manipulated by infections of the genital tract.
Aim of the Study: For assessments the influence of syphilis on the safety of infertile patients.
Materials and Method: All specimens of serum were initial evaluated utilizing a non–Treponema pallidum
serologic(Ag) analysis to estimated for syphilis disease, & then a Treponema pallidum serologic (Ag)
analysis was proceed to assert the positive specimen of syphilis recognized via the checking test.
Results: a total of 137 cases of infertile patients were collected (83 cases in male, 54 cases in female), from
83 cases of infertile male founded that 20 cases were suspected to T. pallidum infection while from 54 case
of infertile female were founded that 15 cases were suspected to infection with Treponema pallidum bacteria.
Also these results show that patients with continuous infertility have significant level of T. pallidumin
females with age 41-50 years (54.55) while males with age 31- 40 years (34.62) than the age suspected for
T. pallidum is > or = 41 years.
Conclusions: A positive date of syphilis contagion may decrease the average of clinical gestation by sexual
contact. Also, this decreasing in the average of clinical gestation needs a diversity of agents, including
density of endometrial, grown oocytes number, the number of pollinated, splited oocytes under normal
conditions, & the average of implantation.

Author Biographies

Alaa Hamza Jaber Al-Jelehawy

Assistant Lecturer, Master, Department of Medical Laboratories Techniques, Altoosi University College,

Qassim Muhsin Hashim Al-Faham

Lecturer, Doctorate, Department of Medical Laboratories Techniques, Altoosi University College, Iraq

Zainab Hassan Hadi Al-Saadi

Researcher, Master, Associate Chief Bacteriology, Ministry of Health, Bagdad-Iraq

Saif Jabbar Yasir

Professor, Doctorate,
Department of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kufa

Ammar Kareem Kadhim Al-Furaiji

Assistant Lecturer, Master,
Department of Quality Assurance, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research



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Alaa Hamza Jaber Al-Jelehawy, Qassim Muhsin Hashim Al-Faham, Zainab Hassan Hadi Al-Saadi, Saif Jabbar Yasir, & Ammar Kareem Kadhim Al-Furaiji. (2021). Estimation of Syphilis Serostatus on the Safety of Infertile Patients. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 76-81.

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