Role of Vitamin AD3E in Pregnancy Period and Calving of Dairy Cattle Strain Friesian


  • Fawzyea B. Toma
  • Kayfi J. Hassan
  • Muhamad J. Muhamad Salih



Vitamin AD3E, Friesian strain, pregnancy, calving and blood parameters.


Utilization of vitamin AD3E during three periods of pregnancy for Friesian cows by injection and noninjection at the same periods was studied in different places in Shaqlawa technical institute farm and private
local farms. (Vitamin and energy requirements are covered in their feed for all groups of treatments) Nine
of female cows divided into three group’s three cows for each the control group (C) non-pregnancy and
non-injection of vit AD3E, first group and the second group were pregnancies divided each of them in three
treatments. The first group was non-injection but the second group was injection with vit.AD3E. Each of
group first and second had three treatments treatment one (T1) first three months of pregnancy, treatment
2(T2) last three month of pregnancy and treatment three (T3) after two weeks of parturition. The results
shows that was a significant increase (p?0.01) and best value observed for [White blood cell(WBC)/×10 9/L
in G1T1(11.97), Red blood cell (RBC)/×10 12/L in G1T3(19.90), Packed cell volume (PCV)/Fl in G2T3
(43.22), Hemoglobin (HB)/g/Dl in G1T1(77.33), Mean size cell volume RBC (MCV)/Fl in G2T3(55.96),
and Mean corpuscular Hemoglobin(MCH)/pg in G1T3(16.93)]. Its concluded from this results that vitamin
AD3E of a (It can be concluded from this study that vit. AD3E have useful impact on blood parameters
during pregnancy and after parturition due their high demands to these vitamins)

Author Biographies

Fawzyea B. Toma

Assist Lecture

Kayfi J. Hassan

Assist. Lecture

Muhamad J. Muhamad Salih

M.Sc., Veterinary Department, Shaqlawa Technical Institute,
Erbil Polytechnic University, Iraq




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Fawzyea B. Toma, Kayfi J. Hassan, & Muhamad J. Muhamad Salih. (2021). Role of Vitamin AD3E in Pregnancy Period and Calving of Dairy Cattle Strain Friesian. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 105–109.