Maternal serum amyloid A level as a marker of primary unexplained recurrent missed miscarriages


  • Azhar Mousa AL-Turiahi
  • Fawz Alaa alikhan
  • Mahajawadmohmmed



Serum amyloid A, maternal, Recurrent early pregnancy loss


Objective: To assess maternal serum amyloid A (SAA) levels among women with primary unexplained
recurrent missed miscarriages.
Patients and Method: A prospective study (case control study) in Al-Zahraa Maternity Hospital, Najaf,
Iraq, from first of January to the first of December of 2019 the study was conducted among 91 who were
divided into two groups:
1. Group 1: Patient with miscarriage in the early trimester with at least two consecutive primary
unexplained REPLs and no previous live births were enrolled.
2. Group 2: A control group was formed of women with miscarriage no history of REPL who had at least
one previous uneventful pregnancy with no adverse outcomes.
Serum samples were collected to measure SAA levels. The main outcome was the association between
SAA and primary unexplained REPL. A total number of 91 participants. Mean SAA level increased in
women with early missed abortion than those women in the control group (p<0.001). The level of SAA was
dependent indicator of primary unexplained REPL, (p<o.oo1). found that serum amyloid Alevel in women
with missed miscarriages represent as biomarker of this complication of pregnancy.
Conclusions: Serum amyloid A theoretically a promising marker that prompts further study for primary
unexplained missed miscarriage. in the Studies may be performed, for example, measurement of SAA level
in women with history of early recurrent missed abortion during pregnancy and before and also compare
SAA levels in women with non-pregnant state Such studies may direct the timing for initiating new therapies
the future.

Author Biographies

Azhar Mousa AL-Turiahi

Professor, M.B.Ch.B, D.O.G, F.I.C.O.G, Consultant Obstertrician & Gynecologist, Professor in Department of
Obstetrics & Gynecology, College of Medicine, Kufa University

Fawz Alaa alikhan

M.B.Ch.B, D.O.G, F.I.C.O.G, Obstetrician and
Gynecologist, Teachers in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College Of medicine, Kufa university, Iraq


M. B. Ch. B, Resident physician in Obstetrics & Gynecology Department, AlZahraa Maternity and Child Teaching
Hospital, Najaf, Iraq



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Azhar Mousa AL-Turiahi, Fawz Alaa alikhan, & Mahajawadmohmmed. (2021). Maternal serum amyloid A level as a marker of primary unexplained recurrent missed miscarriages. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 223-229.