Factors Related to Stunted in East Java Province in 2019: An Ecological Analysis


  • Azizah Andzar Ridwanah
  • Hario Megatsari
  • Agung Dwi Laksono
  • Mursyidul Ibad




Ecological analysis, secondary data,stunted, community nutrition.


East Java Province has a high prevalence of stunted. The study aimed to analyze the factors associated
with stunted in East Java Province. The study was conducted using secondary data sourced from the 2019
East Java Province Health Profile report. The study was designed with an ecological analysis approach.
All 38 regencies/cities in East Java Province were analyzed. Apart from the prevalence of stunted toddlers
as the dependent variable, 4 other variables were analyzed as independent variables, namely the coverage
of toddler health services, Universal Child Immunization (UCI) village coverage, coverage of families
accessing healthy latrines, and percentage of samples of drinking water facilities that meet the requirements.
The results showed that the trend of regencies/cities with low coverage of toddler health services has a
high prevalence of stunted toddlers. There was a tendency for regencies/cities that have a higher level of
immunization coverage which tends to have a lower percentage of stunted toddlers. Meanwhile, the trend
of regencies/cities that have better coverage of families accessing healthy latrines has a lower prevalence of
stunted toddlers. Finally, regencies/cities with a high percentage of babies receiving exclusive breastfeeding
have the lowest prevalence of babies receiving exclusive breastfeeding. It could be concluded that there
is a tendency for a negative relationship between the independent variables analyzed and the prevalence
of stunted toddlers. The higher the coverage on the independent variable, the lower the tendency for the
coverage percentage to be stunted in East Java Province.

Author Biographies

Azizah Andzar Ridwanah

Officer, Health Office of East Java Province, Surabaya, Indonesia

Hario Megatsari

Lecturer, Faculty of Public Health,
Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia

Agung Dwi Laksono

Researcher, National Institute of Health Research and Development
the Indonesia Ministry of Health, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mursyidul Ibad

Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Nadlatul Ulama University,
Surabaya, Indonesia




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Azizah Andzar Ridwanah, Hario Megatsari, Agung Dwi Laksono, & Mursyidul Ibad. (2021). Factors Related to Stunted in East Java Province in 2019: An Ecological Analysis. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 230–235. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v21i2.2678