Assessment of Nursing Care Provided to Hospitalized Children Burn Patients at Burn and Plastic Surgery Center at Kirkuk City


  • Aram Najat Abdulrazzaq
  • Hewa Sattar Salih



Children, Burn, Nursing Management, Plastic Surgery, Quality.


Background: Burns are the foremost important causes of a child’s injury that lead to a considerable health
problem; social, functional, and psychological weakness. They are the leading reason of hospitalization and
are associated with significant morbidity and mortality.
Objectives: This study aimedto assess the quality of nursing management and to find outassociation between
nurses’ sociodemofigureic data and quality of nursing management provided to admitted children Azadi
Teaching Hospital in Kirkuk city-Iraq.
Method: A descriptive design (quantitative approach) was carried out from January 1st to 20th of October
2020. A non-probability (purposive sample) sampling technique utilized to collect data from (48) nurses
working in burn and plastic surgery center in Azadi teaching hospital in Kirkuk city. A questionnaire was
designed and constructed for the purpose of the study. Statistical analysis was performed using (SPSS)
software (V.26). Comparison was carried out using Chi-square (X2) and T test for determination of the P.
Results: The study sample revealed that the majority of the sample were in age group (21-30) years old
represent (47.9 %), and (60.4 %) of the participants were female. The most striking results emerged from
the data is that the majority of the participants have a good level of the practices in relation to nursing
management of major burns at admission (54.17%). The results also show a significant association between
the nurses’ practices at admission and their age, gender, number of courses training.
Conclusion:Training courses have significant effects on nurses’ practices at admission. Further studies are
required to find the effectiveness of intervention that involve nurses’ practices for children with burn injuries.

Author Biographies

Aram Najat Abdulrazzaq

MSc Student, Pediatric Nursing Department, College of Nursing, University of Sulaimani

Hewa Sattar Salih

Assistant Prof., Community Health Nursing, Nursing College, University of Kirkuk, Iraq



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Aram Najat Abdulrazzaq, & Hewa Sattar Salih. (2021). Assessment of Nursing Care Provided to Hospitalized Children Burn Patients at Burn and Plastic Surgery Center at Kirkuk City. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 335-341.