Screening for Cervical Polyp among Women Attending SalahAldin General Hospital


  • Atyaf A. Hameed
  • Nabella K. Yakoob
  • Marwa Thair Abass



Cervical polyp;women; Salah-Aldin general hospital.


Background: Cervical polyps are the commonest cervicallesions, affecting up to 10% of women, with
a reported recurrence rate of 6.2%, they arise from the endocervical canal or, less frequently, from the
ectocervix, and vary in size from 5 mm to 50 mm. Symptomatic polyps are significantly more frequent in
the premenopausal women, while asymptomatic polyps are significantly more common in post-menopausal
Aim of the Study: Screening for cervical polyps among women attending Salah-Aldin general hospital.
Patients and Method: A cross sectional study conducted in outpatients clinic and obstetrical ward in Salah
El-Din general hospital at the period from the 1st of March 2018 to the end of August 2018. Simple random
sample of (200) women in different ages were included.
Results: 200 women were enrolled in this study with the mean age of them were (27.30±6.8 years),the BMI
mean of the patients with polyp was (30.2±2.1),4(40%) in age group between 26-35years. Patients with
polyps have ? 1 parity 9(9%) and 1(10%) in nulliparous.
Conclusion: The frequency of cervical polyp was 5% with no relation to the age, and 60% of the patients
were healed.

Author Biographies

Atyaf A. Hameed

M.B.Ch. B., Gynecologist, Salah-Aldin General Hospital

Nabella K. Yakoob

Prof. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Medical College, University of Tikrit, Iraq

Marwa Thair Abass

M.B.Ch. B., Gynecologist, Salah-Aldin General Hospital



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Atyaf A. Hameed, Nabella K. Yakoob, & Marwa Thair Abass. (2021). Screening for Cervical Polyp among Women Attending SalahAldin General Hospital. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 351-355.

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