Microdebrider Assisted Inferior Turbinoplasty: The Evaluation According to the Pathological Causes of Hypertrophied Turbinates


  • Salim Hussain Ibrahim
  • Qaad Khudhair Abbas




Nasal obstruction, Inferior turbinate hypertrophy, Inferior turbinoplasty, Microdebrider turbinoplasty


Background: Hypertrophied inferior turbinates are the frequent cause of nasal obstructions.Microdebridor
is one of recent advances in technology used for reduction of hypertrophied turbinate to improve nasal
Objective: To evaluate and compare the effectiveness of microdedrider assisted inferior turbinoplasty on
nasal breathing, turbinate size and complications according to the pathological causes.
Patients and Method: Aprospective case study of 45 patients with chronic nasal obstruction and
hypertrophied inferior turbinates underwent microdebrider assisted tubinoplasty. At Salah-eldeen General
Hospital and private practice in salah-eldeen governorate, Iraq. During the peroid from June 2016-June
2018. The patients were classified according to the cause of turbinate hypertophy and follow up at 1,3,
and 12 months post operatievly for nasal bereathing and turbinate size.Results : The preoperative turbinate
size was grade III (48.5%) and grade IV (51.5%). At 1,3,and 12 months post operatively, the grade I and
II was (87%). (90%), and (84%) respectively better in compensatory hypertrophy. The subjective patient’s
satisfaction grade I(relieved) and II(improved)) at 1,3, and 12 month after surgery was (100%) (97%) and
(89%) respectively more satisfaction with compensatory hypertrophy.
Conclusion: The therapeutic success of microdebrider turbinoplasty for improvement of nasal obstruction
and turbinate size, according to the causes . In early postoperative period was almost equal,but long-term
follow-up (one year) found it was greater in compensatory hypertrophy and chronic rhinosinusitis and
less in allergic and nonallergic rhinitis. There is no significant association between the cause of turbinate
hypertrophy and type of complications.

Author Biographies

Salim Hussain Ibrahim

Assist. Prof. Department of Surgery-Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Urgery/Medical College/Tikrit

Qaad Khudhair Abbas

Physician, F.I.C.M.S_ENT Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Salah-eldeen General Hospital,




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Salim Hussain Ibrahim, & Qaad Khudhair Abbas. (2021). Microdebrider Assisted Inferior Turbinoplasty: The Evaluation According to the Pathological Causes of Hypertrophied Turbinates. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 356–362. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v21i2.2706