Loss of Value Bundo Kanduang in the Attention of Parents Who Affect Stress in Young Stunting


  • Eravianti
  • Delmi Sulastri
  • Adang Bachtiar
  • Yantri Maputra




Stress, attention of parents, family, stunting, padang.


Research goals to know the stress and stress risk factors of a parent’s attention to the loss of value Bundo
Kanduang. Sampling techniques by purposive sampling. Data collection is conducted in the in-depth
interview, observation of participation, and secondary data. The Number of subjects 5 people. The research
was conducted in March 2020. The subject of youth research stunting Padang. The attention of parents is
the dominant factor in causing stress. Based on the results of qualitative research of 5 informants. If parents’
attention is good then low child stress levels For example children can control emotions, control themselves,
be calmer when facing problems, easily socialize with the surrounding environment as well as vice versa.
The loss of the value of Bundo Kanduang in the attention of parents greatly affects the stress experienced by
teenagers. From qualitative analysis, 5 informants say the parents ‘ attention to risk factors related to stress.

Author Biographies


Doctoral Program in Public Health Sciences, Andalas University–Indonesia

Delmi Sulastri

Professor of Biomedical Science,
Andalas University–Indonesia

Adang Bachtiar

Professor Association in Public Health Sciences, Indonesia University–Indonesia

Yantri Maputra

Professor Association of Psychology, Andalas University–Indonesia



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Eravianti, Delmi Sulastri, Adang Bachtiar, & Yantri Maputra. (2021). Loss of Value Bundo Kanduang in the Attention of Parents Who Affect Stress in Young Stunting. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 496-500. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v21i2.2729