Estimation of Stature from Foot Dimensions from Female Population of Rajasthan


  • Faray Jamal
  • Rishu Agarwal
  • Aditi Mishra
  • Ulhas Gondhali



Forensic science, Anthropometry, Foot length and breadth, Stature estimation, Regression analysis.


Background: Analyzing and identifying evidences found at crime scene plays a crucial role in apprehending
the offenders and putting them behind bars. Stature Estimation has a significant importance when it comes
to narrowing down the list of suspects. At various instances footprints are left behind at the crime scenes
as vital evidence and can be utilised for generating the stature of the individual/s connected with the crime
Method: The present study focuses on female population belonging to Rajasthan. Major objective is to
determine relation between foot dimensions and stature (n=111). Foot dimensions, mainly foot length and
breadth were calculated using standard measurements method. The samples were statistically analyzed;
regression equations were generated for length and width of left and right foot.
Conclusion: The predicted R-squared values showed quite significant value of left foot being (0.09) and
right foot being (0.04). SEE was calibrated through the regression equations. Width of both the left and right
foot were found to be more significant measurements for estimating stature in Rajasthan Population.

Author Biographies

Faray Jamal

Assistant Professor, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, 14441, India

Rishu Agarwal

M.Sc, Mody University of Science
and Technology, Rajasthan-332311, India

Aditi Mishra

Research Scholar, RashtriyaRakshaUniversity, Gujarat, India

Ulhas Gondhali

Lecturer, O. P Jindal Global University, 131001, India



How to Cite

Faray Jamal, Rishu Agarwal, Aditi Mishra, & Ulhas Gondhali. (2021). Estimation of Stature from Foot Dimensions from Female Population of Rajasthan. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 524-528.

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