In vitro and invivo Study of Banana Peel Extract Anti Toxicity


  • Muthanna Hamid Hassan



Banana peel, anti toxicity, invivo, In vitro.


In this study, extraction of the banana peels were done by two solvent kinds and water. Cytotoxic activity
of the extracts were tested by using assay of MTT. Inhibition of cells was 68.2% when banana peel was
extracted by hexane, and the effect of its cytotoxicity was the highest at 100 ?g/ml. On the other hand,
growth inhibition of MCF-7 cells was recorded at this concentration. While, ethanol extract was at the
second stage according to its cytotoxicity which reached 54.1% followed by watery extract which showed
46.9%.Antimicrobial activity of banana peel extractswas tested against some pathogenic bacteria and
showed the capacity to have abroad range of inhibition activities against isolates E. coli, klebsiellaspp, S.
aureus, P. aeruginosa, extracts demonstrated inhibition zones which were greater than 20,10,15 mm against
E. coli,klebsiella andstaph. spp. respectively, but did not affect P. aeroginosa Also, experimental animals
were exposured to these extracts. It was revealed that NTEC (CNF2) toxin made few chronic inflammatory
cells proliferation, hyperplasia of lymphoid tissue and some cases of atrophy in the villi. Current results
showed low impact on tissue cells when banana peel extracts were used.

Author Biography

Muthanna Hamid Hassan

Assist. Prof., Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Anbar, Iraq



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Muthanna Hamid Hassan. (2021). In vitro and invivo Study of Banana Peel Extract Anti Toxicity. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 846-850.