Study in Correlation between Senile Cataract and Serum 25-Hydroxyl Vitamin D Insufficiency


  • Sujata Charel
  • Janki Brahmbhat
  • Robin Jain
  • Nirathya Anisha P
  • Niklank Mehta



Senile cataract, 25 hydroxyl Vitamin D, Chemiluminescent micro particle immunoassay (CMIA)


Background: Study in correlation between Senile cataract and Serum 25-Hydroxyl Vitamin D Insufficiency.
Mean Value of vitamin -D less than 10ng/ml seen in group-1 which show severe deficiency. Mean Level
of vitamin-D in group-2 15-24 ng/ml which show mild to moderate deficiency. There was a statistically
significant difference in both groups.(p value-<0.03)
Method: 25 OH D level were examined in 300 patients who had cataract and 280 normal patients of both
sex were examined using the technology name as chemiluminescent micro particle immunoassay (CMIA).
Conclusion: In normal patients have below the reference levels while a severe insufficiency of 25-OH D
levels in cataract patients. These shows the role of 25-OH D deficiency in senilecataract patients.

Author Biographies

Sujata Charel

Assistant Professor

Janki Brahmbhat

2nd Year Resident

Robin Jain

3rd Year Resident

Nirathya Anisha P

2nd Year Resident

Niklank Mehta

2nd Year Resident,
Department of Ophthalmology, SBKS & MIRC, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth



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Sujata Charel, Janki Brahmbhat, Robin Jain, Nirathya Anisha P, & Niklank Mehta. (2021). Study in Correlation between Senile Cataract and Serum 25-Hydroxyl Vitamin D Insufficiency. Medico Legal Update, 21(2), 1143-1145.

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