World War 1 Antiseptic Working Miraculously in Complicated Wounds


  • Vipul Gurjar
  • Viraj Narola
  • Bhavin Shah



Acriflavine, ulcer, dressing, wound.


Introduction: Diabetic foot and complicated ulcers are relatively common occurrence in daily surgical to
patient department for managing them various dressing materials and solutions are available. One of such
is acriflavine emulsion.
Case Presentation: Both patients were diabetic having large ulcers over leg 2nd was Hepatitis B positive
also having large leg ulcer due to insect bite. In both Acriflavine emulsion was used as dressing material.
STSG was performed in both and graft were accepted with uneventful post op course
Discussion: Acriflavine made from acridine has a local antiseptic property with Antimicrobial and antiviral
action it does have a skin irritant 1 property but to neutralise that glycerine was used in 1:1000 emulsion
Conclusion: Acriflavine which was used in world war1 as antiseptic solution for war wounds can be used
for dressing of complicated ulcers and wounds to gainbetter results.

Author Biographies

Vipul Gurjar


Viraj Narola


Bhavin Shah

Associate Professor, Smt. B.K. Shah Medical Institute and Research Centre, Sumandeep
Vidyapeeth Deemed to be university (An Institution), Pipariya Vadodara




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