Quality Circles in Hospital: An Exploratory Study


  • Vivin George
  • Vijay Kumar Tadia




Quality Circle, Work Satisfaction, Organizational Climate.


Introduction: Quality circle (QC) consists of people working in a common work area, coming together
voluntarily to identify, analyze and solve various quality related problems within their area.
Methodology: The exploratory study was done in a hospital in India that was part of large public sector
organisation that ran the program of QC across its institutions and also in its non-core areas like the hospitals.
Primary data was collected from the staff working in the hospital that was part of quality circles.
Results: Most of the QC members reported an improvement in terms of the Job satisfaction and
accomplishment that was measured on the 6 parameters. The perception of the Non-members about the
general organizational climate was on the lower side in comparison to the members ofthe QCs. The members
of the QC seemed to fare better than the Non- members.
Discussion and Conclusion: If the top and middle management develop faith and conviction in the efficacy
of the QC program, then rolling this out is not an issue at all. Most of the members were appreciative of the
fact that program of this kind was great learning experience. There was a unanimous agreement on the fact
that this activity should continue and be extended to the whole of the organization in the whole country.
The findings suggested that the employees saw positive changes after becoming part of QCs in regard to
their personal growth and they also perceived positive changes in certain important organizational aspects
which helped them to function effectively.
The organizational climate seemed to have improved with QC as reflected in job satisfaction and sense of
accomplishment between QC members and non-Members.

Author Biographies

Vivin George

Asst. Professor, MIMS College of Allied Health Sciences, MIMS Academy, Aster Healthcare

Vijay Kumar Tadia

Senior Resident Administrator, Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi, India



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