Association between ABO Blood Group and Radiographic Findings in Periodontal Disease


  • Zainab M. Al-Bahrani



ABO, Rh factor, Periodontal disease, Radiographic findings


Background: Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases in the oral cavity that may be
influenced by the blood grouping system among individuals. The purpose of this study was to determine
whether there was an association between radiographic findings and ABO blood groups in patients with
periodontal diseases.
Material and Method: A prospective study carried out on 200 subjects (99) male and (101) female, aged
(18 to 65) who diagnosed clinically with periodontitis who were requested for panoramic and were asked
for ABO blood group and Rh factor determination. The subjects were divided into two groups according to
these findings, as those with (localized chronic periodontitis) and (generalized chronic periodontitis). The
association between blood groups and periodontal health were investigated.
Result: There is more predominance of the localized chronic periodontitis (60%) of subjects. The distribution
periodontitis with different blood group of the study population (41%, 30%, 20% and, 9%)of blood group O
followed by B, A, AB respectively. There is more predominance of subjects with Rh positive group (86.5%)
The association between ABO and Rh with age groups and with gender were found to be statistically not
significant, whilethe association between both localized and generalized chronic periodontitis and Rh factor
was a significant.
Conclusion: The association between periodontal diseases and blood group show the high risk people to
determine a perfect treatment plan strategy.

Author Biography

Zainab M. Al-Bahrani

Lecturer, University of Baghdad, College of Dentistry, Department of Oral Diagnosis, Baghdad-Iraq



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