Emotional Intelligence among Undergraduate Medical Students at University of Baghdad


  • Adnan Y. Mohammed




Emotional Intelligence, Medical Students.


Objectives: The study aims to assess the level of emotional intelligence among undergraduate medical
students and to identify the relationship between the level of emotional intelligence and some demographic
variables of the students such as: academic year, gender, residency, and monthly income.
Methodology: A descriptive, cross-sectional design that is initiated for the period of January 1st to May 1st,
2018 on a sample consisted of (200) students which was selected by convenient sampling method from four
medical colleges at University of Baghdad that are: College of medicine, college of dental medicine, college
of pharmacy, and college of nursing. The used questionnaire is divided into two parts; one of them contains
the demographic variable of the students and the other one deals with the Scale of Emotional Intelligence
(EIS). The data have been collected through the utilization of the self-administrative report as a mean of data
collection and analyzed by application of statistical package for social science IBM SPSS (v. 24).
Results: The result revealed that student are showing moderate level of emotional intelligence (63.5%).
A relationship was detected between students’ gender and his emotional intelligence, while there are no
significant relationships between emotional intelligence and academic year, residency, and monthly income.
Conclusions: The study concluded that students at medical colleges group are emotionally stable and
emotionally intelligent. There is difference in gender of students with regard to emotional intelligence.
Recommendations: The study recommended for conducting future related studies with various variables
and re-conducting the study on a large sample and different specialties is necessary

Author Biography

Adnan Y. Mohammed

Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health, Ibn Rushid teaching hospital, Baghdad, Iraq




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