Health and Culture: A Basis for Development of Extension Health Service Programs


  • June II A. Kiblasan
  • Annie Lourie Y. Paredes



Health, culture, community, illness, health service programs.


Health is a priority need where related services should be extended to people and empower them on aspects
that is beneficial to their wellbeing. However, approaches toward health intervened bythe culture outgrown
by the people in a society that oftentimes influence beliefs about the origins and nature of illness and how
it will be managed. Therefore, understanding individual and cultural beliefs about health and illness is
essential. This is vital in developing effective approaches on how to improve health of the people though,
everyone’s experience with illness is unique and personalized. Community’s health development through
empowerment of people on services that will benefit them was the ultimate goal of this project at which
participatory assessment was the initial step to identify what particular health needs to be addressed. At
which, sequential explanatory strategy of mixed method research design was used where survey on holistic
health indices followed by key informant interviews and observations particularly on their health-related
practices, traditions were the means of data collection applied. All gathered data on health and health
related problems has inference to their culture. It was also noted that culture has implication to the health
status of the community. Therefore, it is highly suggested to develop extension services on promotive and
preventive health programs that is more intensive particularly on healthy lifestyle, prevention and control
of communicable and non-communicable diseases, family planning, environmental safety and sanitation,
personal hygiene and community-based health projects based on their beliefs and practices. Moreover, clear
and simple dissemination of result prior to planning should be given an emphasis to avoid conflict and to
gain full participation of the community

Author Biographies

June II A. Kiblasan

Public School District Supervisor, Department of Education - Mountain Province, Philippines

Annie Lourie Y. Paredes

Extension Coordinator, Department of Nursing, Mountain Province State Polytechnic College, Philippines




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