Model of Criminal Case Settlement of Doctor Malpractice Based on the Value of Local Wisdom


  • Muhammad Dzikirullah H. Noho
  • Budi Santoso
  • Paramita Prananingtyas
  • Aga Natalis



Criminal Case Settlement; Malpractice; Local Wisdom


Introduction: Recently, the malpractice problem in medical service has been widely talked about in the
society of different groups of people, which often leads to the criminalization of doctors.
Purpose of Research: This research aims to acknowledge and analyze the formulation of malpractice
criminal act regulation in the criminal law system in Indonesia and the model of criminal case settlement of
doctor malpractice based on the value of local wisdom in Mojokparak village.
Research Methodology: This research was conducted in Mojokparak Village with qualitative methods and
research specifications on legal pluralism.
Discussion: The criminal provisions for doctor malpractice are regulated in Article 190 of Law Number 36
Year 2009 concerning Health. Articles in the Criminal Code that are relevant to criminal liability related to
medical malpractice are Articles 359, 360, and 361. Mojokparak village is dependable on Islamic values that
are developed through Islamic boarding school. In this regard, the normative values of religion in the Islamic
boarding school community cannot be separated from the discourse and practical movements of daily life,
especially in the settlement of doctor malpractice criminal cases. The settlement of that case is done by the
value of deliberation and consensus to find real justice.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Dzikirullah H. Noho

Doctoral Student Diponegoro University and Lecturer HasyimAsy’ariTebuireng University, Indonesia

Budi Santoso

Professors,Diponegoro University, Indonesia

Paramita Prananingtyas

Associate Professor Diponegoro University, Indonesia

Aga Natalis

Associate Professor,Semarang University, Indonesia



How to Cite

H. Noho, M. D. ., Santoso, B. ., Prananingtyas, P., & Natalis, A. . (2021). Model of Criminal Case Settlement of Doctor Malpractice Based on the Value of Local Wisdom. Medico Legal Update, 21(3), 416-423.

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