Ecological Analysis of Health Resource Related to Measles at Primary Health Center in Indonesia


  • Nurul Jannatul Firdausi
  • Zainatul Mufarrikoh
  • Hario Megatsari
  • Agung Dwi Laksono
  • Mursyidul Ibad



ecological analysis,health resources, measles, primary health center.


Measles is a vaccine-preventable disease. The case increases over the past 3 years in Indonesia. The
study aimed to analyze the correlation between health resources and measles. The ecological analysis was
conducted using secondary data from the Ministry of Health report in 2019. All provinces were taken as
samples. Apart from measles cases as a dependent variable, while the independent variable consists of a ratio
of public health center (PHC), a number of active Posyandu(Integrated Health Post), adequacy of midwives,
availability of five typesof promotive-preventive health workers at PHC, availability of drug and essential
vaccine at PHC and the obedience of district drug warehouse to applied good management of drug and
vaccine. The univariate analysis shows a descriptive table. Bivariate analyses were analyzed using a scatter
plot. The results showa gap of measles cases between province in Indonesia were uneven. The highest
measles cases occurred at Central Java (1.310cases) and the lowest at North Maluku (0 cases). The mean of
suspect measles was 226, the higher cases of mean were dominated at Java. The variable of health worker
and health logistic depict a random pattern with measles cases. It was concluded that the effectiveness of
health workers to prevent measles was measured by their performance. As well as optimizing the potential
of five types of promotive-preventive health workers at the PHC. The choice of method in distribution
management and vaccine management at the health center level must be a concern.

Author Biographies

Nurul Jannatul Firdausi

Researcher, Health Resource Department, Provincial Health Office of East Java, Surabaya, Indonesia

Zainatul Mufarrikoh

Lecturer,National Institute of Islamic Religion, Pamekasan, Indonesia

Hario Megatsari

Lecturer, Faculty of Public Health, University of Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia

Agung Dwi Laksono

Researcher, National Institute of Health Research and Development, The Indonesia Ministry of Health, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mursyidul Ibad

Lecturer, Faculty of Health, NadlatulUlama University,Surabaya, Indonesia



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Firdausi, N. J. ., Mufarrikoh, Z. ., Megatsari, H. ., Laksono, A. D. ., & Ibad, M. (2021). Ecological Analysis of Health Resource Related to Measles at Primary Health Center in Indonesia. Medico Legal Update, 21(3), 447-453.