Reading Man Flap for Sacral Pressure Ulcer Reconstruction


  • Tawfeeq Waleed Tawfeeq
  • Afraa Qasim Al-Zerkani
  • Sinan Adil Abdulateef



sacral pressure sore, reading man flap, local flap.


Background: The treatment of pressure sores represents a great challenge to health care professionals.
Although, pressure ulcers management requires a multidisciplinary approach, the soft tissue defects requiring
reconstruction are mainly considered for surgical repair. Local myocutaneous and fasciocutaneous flaps can
provide stable coverage of pressure sores.
Aim of Study: To evaluate the versatility and outcomes of “reading man flap” in the reconstruction of sacral
pressure sores.
Patients and Method: Between April 2015 to January 2017, ten patients with sacral pressure sore were
treated by using Reading man flap. The patient’s ages were ranging between 35-65 years (mean 53), 6 of
them were males, and 4 were females. All of them were subjected to local wound care and management
without considerable benefit. We exclude those patients with poor medical status and patients with severe
contracture and spasticity. The diameter of the sacral pressure sores ranging from 4cm to 7cm (mean 5.5cm).
Results: The “reading man flap” technique was seen to be a useful, versatile and simple flap for coverage
of pressure sores, with no postoperative complications in 8 of our patients during the follow up period. The
other 2 patients, one of them developed partial flap necrosis (treated conservatively), and the other one
developed recurrence after 2 months.
Conclusion: The “reading man flap” was found to be a versatile and easily performed technique for closure
of small to medium sized sacral pressure sores.

Author Biographies

Tawfeeq Waleed Tawfeeq

F.I.B.M.S (Plastic), Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Medical City Institute, Baghdad-Iraq

Afraa Qasim Al-Zerkani

M.B.Ch.B., Diploma of Anesthesia, Director of Pediatric Anesthesia Dept., Children Welfare Teaching Hospital, Medical City Institute,Baghdad-Iraq

Sinan Adil Abdulateef

M.B.Ch.B., C.A.B.P., Plastic Surgeon, Burn Center, Medical City Institute, Baghdad-Iraq



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Tawfeeq, T. W., Al-Zerkani, A. Q. ., & Abdulateef, S. A. . (2021). Reading Man Flap for Sacral Pressure Ulcer Reconstruction. Medico Legal Update, 21(3), 529-535.

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