An Analysis of Blood Grouping Discrepancies : Study From Tertiary Hospital based Blood Bank in Vadodara


  • Ashu Dogra
  • Devanshi Gosai



ABO discrepancy, Blood transfusion, Rhesus group.


Background:-ABO and Rhesus blood group system is considered as clinically significant blood group
systems in transfusion practice . A feature of the ABO system is the regular occurrence of anti A and anti B in
the absence of the corresponding red cell antigen. A Discrepancy exists when results of forward testing does
not match with reverse testing. Blood donors and patients must be correctly ABO and Rh grouped because
transfusing ABO incompatible blood transfusions which may lead even death of patient.
Aims and Objectives To assess the incidence and cause of blood grouping discrepancies in Blood Bank
at Tertiary care teaching hospital during Jan 2019 to December 2019.
Methods : Forward and reverse grouping were performed on blood samples from inpatients ,outpatients
and donors during the study period. ABO discrepancies were studied with their clinical details to group their
discrepancies and resolve them with suitable steps.
Results: A total of 10,048 (patients and donors) who satisfied inclusion criteria were included and ABO
typed among which there were 55 discrepancies were observed (15 donors and 35 patients). The problem
in patients was due to expression of weak antigens. The problem in patients were due to clinical conditions,
the most common being autoimmune haemolytic anaemia.
Conclusions: The ABO blood group discrepancy reported in present study is 0.49%. The study helped to
determine the incidence and causes of discrepancy encountered in tertiary care hospital. Discrepant results
should be recorded, and resolved by suitable measures and correct ABO & Rh Blood group should be
released to avoid any mismatched transfusions.

Author Biographies

Ashu Dogra

Associate Professor, Deptt of Pathology, SBKSMIRC, Sumandeep University

Devanshi Gosai

Assistant Professor, Department of Transfusion Medicine SBKSMIRC, Sumandeep University



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Dogra, A. ., & Gosai, D. . (2021). An Analysis of Blood Grouping Discrepancies : Study From Tertiary Hospital based Blood Bank in Vadodara. Medico Legal Update, 21(3), 554-558.