Effects of Artifacts on the Diagnosis of Ultrasound Image


  • Alyaa Raheem




artifacts, Doppler, image, ultrasound


In ultrasound imaging, the artifact is the term that can be used to describe various parts of an image that does
not accurately represent the anatomic structure within the subject being evaluated. The current study aims
to explain the foundation of understanding the artifacts in conventional ultrasound and Doppler techniques
to highlight the effect which may occur as a result of these artifacts. Artifact in ultrasound imaging can be
classified into three categories according to its cause, artifacts caused by the patient, by instrument, and by
an operator. Recognition of artifacts is important as they can be considered as tissue composition indicators.
Therefore, it helps in the diagnosis. The ability to recognize and correct potential ultrasound artifacts is
significant for image quality improvement and optimal patient care. The most frequent artifact is acoustic
shadowing that had been seen in 11 from 54 cases and the less frequent is blooming artifact that occurred in
only 1 case from selected cases.

Author Biography

Alyaa Raheem

Assist Lecture, Middle Technical University / College of Medical &Health Technology, Baghdad, Iraq




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Alyaa Raheem. (2021). Effects of Artifacts on the Diagnosis of Ultrasound Image. Medico Legal Update, 21(4), 327–336. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v21i4.3152