Is Continuous Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring Estimates Timing for Detection of Anemia During Operation better than Clinicians


  • Saif Othman Aziz
  • Ali Shawqi Saadoon



Anemia,Hemoglobin, Surgery, real-time monitoring, spectrophotometry, Pulse COoximetry


Blood loss is a common surgical complication, but patient complications and healthcare costs
can be exacerbated by needless blood transfusions. Non-invasive and continuous monitoring of
hemoglobin concentrations is possible with the Radical-7 Pulse CO- Oximeter. These determined
values are identical to those obtained by blood sampling for hemoglobin concentrations, and
the technique enables continuous monitoring over time of changes in Hemoglobin levels. Aims of
Study: to investigate whether noninvasive, continuous, and real-time monitoring of Hemoglobin
could estimate the timing for further Hemoglobin measurements more accurately than clinicians’
discretion during surgery. Patients and Methods: 54 Patients eligible for the study were
underwent different surgeries with planned invasive venous blood gas sampling for blood
Hemoglobin for hemoglobin measurement while Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter continuously
reading Hemoglobin noninvasively during each surgery. Blood samples were obtained 5 min
after induction of anesthesia (other samples was taken multiple time during operations according
to time of operation). The Conventional venous blood gas measurements were compared with radical
7 co-oximeter obtained at the time of the blood sampling. Results: In our study There was no
statistically significant differences (p>0.05) in mean hemoglobin level, whether measured by SpHb
or by conventional laboratory. in addition, Bland–Altman plot was utilized and show no marked
difference between invasive and noninvasive method. All these factors signify a good compatibility
between the two methods. Conclusions: The radical 7 satisfactorily follows hemoglobin shifts and
more reliably predicts the required timing for early Hemoglobin management decisions throughout

Author Biographies

Saif Othman Aziz

M.B.Ch.B./ Al-Immamein Al-Kadhimaein Hospital / Al-Karkh Health Directorate/ Ministry of Health
and Environment

Ali Shawqi Saadoon

Consultant in Anesthesia and Intensive Care / M.B.CH.B., F.I.C.M.S Anesthesia/
Baghdad teaching Hospital / Medical city Health Directorate/ Ministry of Health and Environment/
Bagdad / Iraq




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Saif Othman Aziz, & Ali Shawqi Saadoon. (2022). Is Continuous Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring Estimates Timing for Detection of Anemia During Operation better than Clinicians. Medico Legal Update, 22(2), 31–41.