In Vivo Histological Assessment of Local Application of Fenugreek Seed Oil on Cutaneous Wound Healing


  • Shatha Hameed Ali
  • Ban A. Ghani
  • Nawar Bahjet Kamil



wound healing, fenugreek seed oil , rats.


Background: Healing is a process that restores the physical integrity of body structures. It is a
dynamic, complex, multicellular process that involves the extracellular matrix, cytokines, blood
cells, and growth factors. It includes hemostasis ,inflammatory phase, proliferative phase and
maturation phase. Studies have shown fenugreek to be an anti-inflammatory agent, which supports
its traditional use as a treatment for sore throat, arthritis, and wound healing.
Objective: Histological and histomorphometric assessment of potential activity of fenugreek oil
on healing of experimentally induced cutaneous wound in rats.
Materials and methods: Thirty male albino rats (Rattus norvegicus albinus )weighing about
250-400gm were used in this study, two circular standardized wounds were performed on rat
dorsum with a sterile biopsy punch(5mm) in diameter .The wounds at the right side were left to
heal spontaneously as a control ,whereas the left side treated daily with fenugreek seeds oil(0.2ml).
Sacrification of animals was done at the end of each healing periods (1st ,3rd , and 7th day) to collect
the specimens by cutting the skin about 5 mm around the edges of the wound for histological
Results: Obtained findings showed decrease in mean values of wound contraction with time,
as lowest mean value recorded at day 7 at experimental side. inflammatory cells count showed
highest mean values recorded in experimental groups at day 1,however mean values of epithelial
thickness increased values with time in all groups .
Conclusion: the present study showed that the fenugreek oil was effective for wound healing when
applied locally.

Author Biographies

  • Shatha Hameed Ali

    Post graduate/ College of Dentistry -Kufa University- Najaf- Iraq

  • Ban A. Ghani

    Assist Prof; Collage of Dentistry - University of Baghdad- Baghdad -Iraq

  • Nawar Bahjet Kamil

    Lecturer/ Collage of Dentistry - University of Baghdad- Baghdad -Iraq




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