The effect of herbal treatment of Hyphaene Thebaica (Doum) and Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) on Induced Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension in Male Wistar Albino Rats


  • Elmahdy M.F
  • Adris M.A
  • O. Belih S.S



Hyperlipidemia, Doum, Lotus, Aldosterone


Hyperlipidemia is a condition in medical terms where any lipid profile or else the lipoproteins are increased
in the blood stream. Elevated LDL is risky and the best indicator of atherosclerosis risk. Hypertension is one of
the most associated disease with dyslipidemia. For HDL-C, the risk of hypertension is supposed to be increased
at such low levels. There are various medicinal plants, which are supposed to be a very important source for
upcoming chemical substances which are having the potential for therapeutic effects. There are various phenolic
as well as flavonoids substances present in Hyphaene Thebaica (Doum). These ingredients usually work
as an antioxidant that are very helpful to provide a control towards hyperlipidemic. Hyphaene Thebaica has
antimicrobial, antidiabetic antihypertensive, hypolipidemic and antioxidant effects. Yet another element called as
Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) is very useful for medicinal purposes in terms of Oriental medicine. These plants are
very hypolipidemic, antioxidant activity, antipyretic, antiplatelet activity and hypoglycemic activity.
Objective of the study: to estimate the effects of doum and lotus methanolic extracts on hyperlipidemia,
hypertension and diabetes on lipid profile parameters and hypertension parameters like angiotensin converting
enzyme and aldosterone.
Material and Methods: The study in this paper was done on fourth rats with the species of Wistar Albino. These
rats are divided in to four groups and all are male samples. First one was control group and hyperlipidemia and
hypertension induced in three groups. Feeding hyperlipidemic and hypertensive rats with extract of doum in
third group and lotus extract in fourth group.
Results: The effect of both extracts on lipid profile parameters, Angiotensin converting enzyme and aldosterone
were parallel in significant lowering them. Doum had strong effect on body weight but lotus had strong effect on
fasting blood glucose level.

Conclusion: Doum and Lotus contain flavonoids and phenols which cause lowering in lipid profile, Angiotensin
converting enzyme, aldosterone, body weight and fasting blood glucose.
Recommendation: Using the extracts of lotus seeds and doum fruit can be used as adjuvant treatment in
hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes.

Author Biographies

Elmahdy M.F

Faculty of Postgraduate, PhD student of Practical Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty
of Medicine, University of Al-Butana, Sudan

Adris M.A

Department Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine,University of Al-Butana, Sudan

O. Belih S.S

Banha University, Egypt, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Research center, Animal Health Research Institute, Clinical Pathology Department.




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