Effect of COVID-19 on Psychological State of Elderly Patient at Jazan Community


  • Amira Refaat Said




COVID-19, Elderly, Psychological health


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory syndrome, amongst a larger family of ribonucleic acid
(RNA) viruses, that has infected humans, causing unprecedented numbers of deaths and substantial psychological
distress across the globe.
Aim: effect of COVID-19 On psychological state of elderly patient At Jazan. This research was applied on 125
respondents selected from Jazan community. We used the electronic questionnaire to reach them. The study
findings are, respondent gender from female gender, Saudi nationality, 53% a suspected injury, Confirmed injury
by 27%. The 56% of respondents psychological feeling after contracting the virus is supported by those around
them, and only 20% feel depressed. Else the finding indicate to the feeling of the respondent family and those around
him after he were infected with the virus is They feel psychologically supported by 41% and most of them receive
the necessary health care after they contract the virus. This study concluded that nearly one-fourth of the sampled
general population experienced moderate to severe psychological impact. Following specific precautionary
measures appeared to have a protective effect on the individual’s mental health. The findings can be used to
construct psychological interventions directed toward vulnerable populations and to implement public mental
health strategies in the early stages of the outbreak. This study recommended, Establish strategies to enhance
elderly patient of healthy lifestyle by applying this study on a large sample in various region and accessibility to
medical resources and the public health service system should be further strengthened and improved.

Author Biography

Amira Refaat Said

Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing, at Farasan University College, Jazan




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