Disturbance of behavior in male secondary school students


  • Saad Mhmood Kadhim
  • Ahmed Lutfi Saeed




Behavioral disturbance; age; family environment, school environment, and friend relationships.; Baghdad


Background: Behavioral disturbance is a common problem for teenagers all over the world.
The prevalence of behavioral disturbance depends on age, family environment, school
environment, and friend relationships.The aim of the study to determine the prevalence of
behavioral disturbance patterns among male students from age 13-19 yrs. In public secondary
schools in Baghdad, Iraq.Methods: Cross-sectional study done in public secondary schools
in Baghdad for educational year 2020 - 2021.The sample was collected by multistage cluster
sampling from 6 schools .Data collection was done through self-administered questionnaire
from 7th February 2021 to 16th march 2021. The questionnaire is comprised of two parts;
part 1 was made of demographic characteristics and behavioral disturbance manifestations.
Part 2 comprised of socioeconomic characteristics. Results: 600 students were participated in
this study the mean age 15.51.3 . Substance use disorder (15.8%) and bullying (13.5%) were
the common forms of behavioral disturbance. Conclusion: high rates of all behavioral
disturbance were noticed among secondary school students including bullying, substance use
disorder, Rebellion and pornography.

Author Biographies

Saad Mhmood Kadhim

M.B.Ch.B/D.F.M, Ajehad health center / Baghdad health office/ Alkarkh
Director / Ministry of Health and Environment

Ahmed Lutfi Saeed

Ministry of Health and Environment/Baghdad /Iraq




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