DNA extraction from lip cosmetics’ prints: A Review


  • Chaudhary Garima
  • Pant Juhi




lip prints; lip cosmetics; touch DNA; DNA profiling


Background: Persistent use of lip cosmetics makes them one of the most regular evidence in crime against
females, with this concern, plenteous work has been done to differentiate various types of lip cosmetics on basis
of their composition. However, the forensic and DNA perspective regarding the same remains unexplored to a
huge extent.
Study: We looked at the DNA implications of lip stains as well as several ways for extracting DNA from lip
cosmetic prints in this work.
Conclusion: We came to the conclusion that DNA profiles created from lip cosmetics imprints are extremely
valuable in forensic examination for personal identification because they are regarded the most crucial type of
transmission traces and are equivalent to finger-marks.

Author Biographies

Chaudhary Garima

PhD, Forensic Science Laboratory, Haryana (India),

Pant Juhi

M.Sc., LNJN NICFS (NFSU Delhi Campus), India




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Chaudhary Garima, & Pant Juhi. (2023). DNA extraction from lip cosmetics’ prints: A Review. Medico Legal Update, 23(4), 6–11. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v23i4.3444