Surgical Experience of No-scalpel Vasectomy: An Underutilized Procedure


  • Chitra Vashnavi1 , Anil Gupta2 , Manmeet Kaur3 , Raj Rishi Sharma4 , Ranjeet Rathore3



Contraceptive , vasectomy, sperm count.


Introduction: No-Scalpel Vasectomy is a safe and effective technique of male fertility control. It is a minor

procedure with minimal side effects and thus increases the patient acceptance, who have a vital role in

decision making for family planning. Aims: to present our experience and results in patients undergoing

no-scalpel vasectomy, their motivating factors, the failure rate of vasectomy, complications and its effect

on sexual desire and performance. Material and Method : A total of 204 patients undergoing a no-scalpel

vasectomy between march 2015 and august 2019 were included. Details about their motivational factors,

socio-demographic profile were noted and post vasectomy complications were recorded and assesed.

Results: No immediate or delayed complications of haematoma, wound infection, scrotal sinus, vasectomy

failure, sperm granuloma and chronic scrotal pain was observed. Only one patient presented with pain

and stitch granuloma which was excised later. None of our patients presented with any psychological and

sexual problems in the follow-up. Conclusions: Men are often reluctant to consider vasectomy because of

inaccurate information and myths. No-Scalpel Vasectomy is a safe procedure, but adequate motivation and

education about the procedure is a must with follow up and sperm count at 3 months.

Author Biography

Chitra Vashnavi1 , Anil Gupta2 , Manmeet Kaur3 , Raj Rishi Sharma4 , Ranjeet Rathore3

1 Medical Suprintendent (MD Community Medicine) Kathua, J&K, 2 Consultant, 3 Assistant Professor Department of

Surgery, 4 Professor Department of Surgery, GMC, Kathua, J&K



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