Clinico-Pathological Profile of Patients with Malignant Melanoma of Extremity: Short Term Single Centre Experience


  • Muktanjalee Deka1 , Ashish Kumar Gupta2 , Pioja Pegu3



lower extremity, Immunohistochemistry, malignant melanoma.


Introductions: Malignant melanoma is a rare skin cancer in Asia but both incidence and mortality rates are

increasing in last few decades.Clinical and pathological assessment of patients with malignant melanoma

establishes a definite diagnosis and is important for patient prognosis and management.

Materials and Method: We present clinical and pathological profile of 14 patients with malignant melanoma

of extremity presenting at State Cancer institute, GMCH from September 2018 to May 2019. Of them, 10

patients underwent wide excision of the primary lesion along with regional lymph node dissection . Rest 4

patients underwent wide excision only. Specimens were sent to the department of Pathology , GMCH for

histopathological examination. Immunohistochemistry was also done.

Results : The most common site of melanoma is the lower extremity. Incidence was found to be higher

in males compared to females with median age of presentation 54 years. Majority of patients are farmers

or labourers. Ulceration is the most common mode of presentation. Maximum patients presented within 6

months of onset of symptoms.

Based on TNM , Clark and Breslow classification, 35.5% (n=5)were Clark stage 4, 35.5%(n=5) were clark

stage 5 which were the most common and 78.5% (n=11) were breslow stage 4.

Conclusions: Although malignant melanoma are rare neoplasms, incidence has increased in few decades.

Lymph node staging should be done in all cases even if clinically and radiologically negative. Surgery with

adjuvant treatment remains the mainstay of management.

Author Biography

Muktanjalee Deka1 , Ashish Kumar Gupta2 , Pioja Pegu3

1 Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, 2 Assistant Professor & Consultant, Department of Surgical

Oncology, 3 Post Graduate trainee, Department of Pathology, State Cancer institute , Gauhati Medical College &

Hospital, Guwahati(GMCH), Assam