Studies on Components, Challenges, Attitude and Expertise in Teaching Digital Rectal Examination(DRE) Skill to final MBBS Medico’s in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Republic of India


  • Shashi Shekhar



Intimate physical examinations, Digital rectal examination.


In the present study on MBBS final year Students in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India

(1). Knowledge of Steps of DRE was present in 77.67% of Male medico’s and 86.49% of Female medico’s.

Only 10.67% Males and 5.76% of Females medico’s did not do any DRE ; However 36.89% of Male

students and 27.58% of Female students were not supervised by Senior Faculty .

(2). Communication Skill was present in 75.72% of Male and 47.12% of Female medico’s. (3). Disease

Correct Diagnosis Skill was present in 92.23% of Males & 94.25% of Female medico’s.

Author Biography

Shashi Shekhar

Associate Professor, Department of General Surgery, Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences,

Anwarpur, Hapur-NCR, India