Observation and Epidemiology of Ocular Trauma in Children: Hospital based Study


  • Vinitkumar S Kamble1 , Gyan Bhaskar2 , Bibhuti P Sinha3 , Anita ambastha4 , Aayushi5 , Rajnee Sinha6




Ocular trauma, Paediatric, Conflict, Open globe, Closed globe.


Background: This study was designed to identify the causes, demographic, clinical profile & classify the

patients according to the ocular trauma classification group.

Method: 60 children of age fifteen year or less, with ocular injury, who had presented to emergency

services/out-patient department of the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology (RIO), IGIMS medical college

& hospital, Patna (Bihar) were included. Demographic data, nature and cause of injury, duration between

injury & presentation to the hospital and diagnosis were recorded. Evaluation of visual acuity, anterior

segment and fundus was done.

Results: Majority of injuries occurred in children 7yrs and older (64.7%). There were 50 (83.33%) boys

and 10 (16.66%) girls. 40 (66.67%) of cases presented within 24hrs of the injury while 20 (33.33%) of cases

presented after more than 24 hr after trauma. Rural patients comprised 39 out of 60 (65 %) while urban were

21 out of 60 (35 %). Most of the patients n=36 (60%) belonged to average socioeconomic status fallowed by

low socioeconomic status n=20 (33.33%) & high socioeconomic status n=4 (6.67%). Most of the children

n=35 (58.33%) were in their primary school. The highest proportion of injuries occurred outside (eg streets,

roads, playgrounds, schools) n=40 (66.67 %) followed by home n=20 (33.33%). Conclusions: Eye trauma

in children occur most frequently outdoors. Early diagnosis, management and prevention of complications

of ocular injuries can be possible by educating parents and children.

Author Biography

Vinitkumar S Kamble1 , Gyan Bhaskar2 , Bibhuti P Sinha3 , Anita ambastha4 , Aayushi5 , Rajnee Sinha6

1 Fellow Anterior Segment, SCEH, Lahan Nepal, 2 Additional Professor, 3 Professor, 4 Associate Professor, 5 Senior

Resident, 6 Junior Resident, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, IGIMS, Patna



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