To Study the Relationship between Primary Headache and Attention Deficit in College Going Students – A Correlational Study


  • Krima Shah
  • Alpa Purohit



Headache, Attention, Headache Impact Scale 6, Mindful Attention Awareness Scale


Aim: To check relationship between primary headache and attention deficit in college going students.
Background: Headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system. Headache
itself is a painful and disabling feature of a small number of primary headache disorders, namely migraine,
tension-type headache, and cluster headache.
Attention deficit is a neurological disorder that causes a range of behavior problems such as difficulty
attending to instruction, focusing on work, keeping up with assignments, following instructions, completing
tasks and social interaction.
Due to study and work related load, the subjects are prone to develop headache and this may cause attention
There are very less studies done to correlate headache and attention deficit, so there arises a need to study
the relationship between and attention in students and working population.
Methodology: A Study was performed on 143 participants. A structured questionnaires “HEADACHE
IMPACT SCALE-6” and MINDFUL ATTENTION AWARENESS SCALE” were filled by the participants
and submitted questionnaire through Google forms and personal interview method
Results: 143 participants completed the questionnaires. The value of correlation coefficient is r = -0.353,
which is statistically significant. Therefore, there is weak negative correlation between headache and
Conclusion: The current study demonstrated that the attention is affected in the college going students
having headache. There is a correlation between attention and headache in college going students.

Author Biographies

Krima Shah

MPT in Musculoskeletal Conditions, 
Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Alpa Purohit

MPT Musculoskeletal, Vice Principal and Senior Lecturer,
Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad, Gujarat