Stress and Anxiety in the Maternal During the COVID-19 PandemiC



Stress, Anxiety, COVID-19, Maternal, Immunity


Background & Aim: Decreased immunity in pregnant and birthing women makes this population vulnerable,
both physiologically and psychologically. The global pandemic of acute respiratory syndrome caused by
coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2), which is the new virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19),
increases the risk of psychological distress including stress and anxiety that can impact pregnancy and/or
childbirth disorders. The research objective was to determine the conditions of stress and anxiety in the
maternal during the COVID-19 pandemic
Methods & Materials: This study used a descriptive survey method on a sample of pregnant women and
women giving birth by purposive sampling, namely those who visited the Independent Practice Midwife
(BPM) clinic in Bekasi City from April to July 2020 totaling 58 people. Data were collected using the
DASS-21 questionnaire which was packaged in a google form and distributed online via the social media
WhatsApp (WA). The data collected was then analyzed descriptively to be presented as a result of the study.
Results: Most of the respondents were 20-35 years old, had secondary education and most of them had
primiparous parity. Most of the respondents’ stress conditions were within normal limits, but there was also
mild (15,52%) to moderate stress (13,79%). Most of the respondents’ anxiety was within normal limits,
however, there was also mild (13,79%), moderate (13,79%), severe (8,62%) to very severe anxiety (1,72%).
Conclusion: Stress and anxiety occurred in respondents as a psychological response during the COVID-19
pandemic; so that active management is needed to prevent the effects of stress and prolonged anxiety.