Menstrual Health: What Have We Learned?


  • Nimble O J
  • Bibil Babu C



PMS, Thyroid, Menstrual cup, sustainability, environmental hazards, health hazards(JEL Classification Code: Q01, Q53, I18, I19)


Women specific health issues are always neglected and underestimated by the society including women
themselves. Premenstrual syndromes (PMS), Thyroid issues, Post-partum depression are common cause of
physical, psychological and social problems in women of reproductive age.
This research explores the evidence about women’s awareness and attitude about menstrual health related
problems and alternative and sustainable menstruation practices. This study was designed to explore the
potential health physical and environmental benefits that can accrue by women with safe, affordable, and
convenient materials, such as the menstrual cup, for menstrual management. Researcher collected primary
data from 28 women using convenience sampling technique to understand awareness and attitude about
women health issues. Researcher also collected primary data from 50 women using cluster sampling method
to investigate attitudes and awareness towards sustainable menstruation practices and to an alternative
menstrual product. The result showed positive reactions to an alternative menstrual product

Author Biographies

Nimble O J

Assistant Professor, Centre for Management Studies, Presidency College, Kempapura, Hebbal, Bangalore

Bibil Babu C

PG Student Dept. of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Royal Dental College Palakkad