Alterations of Handgrip Strength in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients


  • Hrishikesh. S. Pai
  • Soumya K. Das



Handgrip,Diabetes,Peripheral neuropathy


Background:Peripheral Neuropathy is most prevalent chronic complication in diabetes.Diabetes affect sensory and
motor function including progressive loss of somatosensory sensitivity,Insufficient muscle strength and functional
Impairment.Objective of this study isto Analyse Hand grip strength in Diabetes patients with or without Neuropathy.
Methods:Descriptive study in Government medical college Thoothukudi,100 Patients attending Outpatient Department
for Diabetes were analysed.Duration of study 6 months.Demographic data and medical history was noted after
informed consent.Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument applied.Hand grip was tested using Electronic digital
hand Dynamometer and compared with 40 age matched healthy volunteers.Findings described in simple descriptive
manner.SPSS version 24 used for statistical analysis.
Results:Mean Age 62.40+/-6.435 Vs Control group 58.55+/-6.921.Male 58%,Female 42%.Between 45-54yrs(8%),55-
64yrs(62%),65-75yrs(30%).Mean duration of diabetes 8.31+/-2.770 years.Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument
score mean 4.98+/-1.484.Mean Hand grip Right hand(kg) 20.723+/-7.688 Vs Control 24.978+/-7.1427.Mean Hand
grip Left hand(kg) 19.153+/-7.2436 vs Control 22.890+/-6.8664.Mean Hand grip right hand male compared to control
45-54yrs(27.66+/-6.63 vs 35.34+/-4.16),55-64yrs(27.14+/-6.31 vs30.95+/-2.55)65-75yrs(16.47+/-5.89 vs 21.24+/-2.32).
Mean hand grip female 45-54yrs(18.2+/-4.79 vs 26.74+/-3.17),55-64yrs(17.22+/-4.63 vs 19.88+/-2.14),65-75yrs(13.34+/-
2.85 vs 14.84+/-1.16).
Conclusions:Handgrip strength is lower in participants with Diabetes compared to age matched controls.Mean hand
grip values also showed decrease with age in both study participants and healthy volunteers.

Author Biographies

  • Hrishikesh. S. Pai

    Senior Resident,Department of Neuromedicine, Government medical college, Thoothukudi

  • Soumya K. Das

    Senior Resident,Department of Neuromedicine, Government medical college, Thoothukudi




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