The Ability to Interact with Schizophrenic Patients through Socialization Group Activity Therapy


  • Jek Amidos Pardede
  • Arya Ramadia



Socialization Group Activity Therapy, Social Interaction, Schizophrenia


Social isolation is a disorder of interpersonal relationships that occurs due to an inflexible personality, which
causes maladaptive behavior and interferes with one’s function in relationships. One of the nursing actions
for schizophrenic patients with social isolation is Socialization Group Activity Therapy. Socialization Group
Activity Therapy is an effort to facilitate socialization skills in schizophrenia patients with social relationship
problems. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of socialization group activity therapy on
the ability to interact with schizophrenic clients. The research design used one group pre-post test design,
the sampling technique used was purposive sampling and the total sample was 21 respondents. The ability
to interact socially was measured using a questionnaire sheet before and after therapy using a paired sample
test. The analysis showed that there was a significant effect with p = 0.014 (p <0.05). The conclusion is that
Socialization Group Activity Therapy is one of the effective therapies to improve the interaction ability of
schizophrenic patients.

Author Biographies

Jek Amidos Pardede

Nursing Study Program, Sari MutiaraIndoensia University, North Sumtra Indonesia

Arya Ramadia

Nursing Study Program, STIKes Al Insyirah Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia